Monday, 14 June 2010

BLOX to the system, please create harmonic frequencies

Well there you have it, one can but try; Radfax attended court today 10.30am, 14th June 2010 to once again request the judge allow him to submit a statement and a skeleton defense on behalf of himself and persons unknown defending in the case of Boris Johnson V Democracy Village and persons unknown.
Alas the powers in sitting/residing for the Law, once again refused Radfax the right to submit and thereby defend his rights and that of other UK Citizens in the case of Boris Johnson Vs Democracy Village and Persons Uknown.
Please keep your eyes on the ball as they may be moving the Goal posts in order to make the game even more one sided than what it already is.
The outcome of the case;

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  1. [Mayor Boris Johnson said he wants to "safeguard the rights of the majority to use and enjoy Parliament Square".] Via BBC.

    Parliament Square = Almost inaccessible traffic island. Especially for wheelchairs/pushchairs.

    Majority = Persons Unknown = Majority...