Monday, 7 June 2010

The right of an individual to defend the rights of the people

Today 7th June 2010, Democracy Village was in the high court to defend freedom and liberty, along with itself against efforts of Boris Johnson’s lawyers to serve them with an injunction and eviction from Parliament sq London SW1
Boris Johnson’s lawyers claimed in court today that the mayor has the right to exclude anyone including the Queen from Parliament Square. There are 16 named defendants, also listed are persons unknown (a rather ambiguous and far reaching statement)
Parliament square has laws dating back centuries that were put in place to allow people the right to gather and openly hold peaceful demonstration and gatherings
Along with the defendants for Democracy Village an individual known by the name of Radfax tried to make a submission and put himself forward as a defendant for the people of the UK and their rights, he addressed the judge as follows;
"Your Honour I wish to make my submission, I am an independent acting on behalf of the people of the United Kingdom, and it is my sovereign right and the right of the people of this country to uphold the law and the rights of the people.
In this defense we wish to protect the rights of any and all individuals and there right to hold peaceful demonstrations on parliament square. We believe that the application for a possession is not just and is in direct conflict with the interests of the people”

“The Judge replied saying that he did not recognise the people in this case and would not allow the submission”
To this Radfax replied; “With all due respect, I believe that this has everything to do with the people we are talking about the rights of all UK citizens and their rights to free demonstration at Parliament Sq, and civil liberty, I feel that to allow this to go on would be in direct opposition to the rights of the people”

The Judge still would not allow the submission.
The case continued with much divisive measure and shrewd intellect. Several times throughout the hearing Radfax addressed the Judge, appealing for his right as a UK citizen to defend his rights and that of the people, and each time the Judge refused to allow him to make his submission as a defendant on behalf of himself or for the people.

This is a worrying development as it sets out that a person, an individual, or a spokesperson on behalf of himself or an individual/s cannot make a submission in defense of his or her civil rights. Surely this is in conflict with their human rights

Today Boris Johnson’s lawyers who claimed in court today that the mayor has the right to exclude anyone including the Queen from Parliament Square. The judge disagreed. There will be a full trial starting Friday 11th June 2010.
Please come down and show your support for Democracy Village and all peaceful protests anywhere.

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