Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Radfax tries to submit a statement to Boris Johnsons Lawyers for consideration as a named defendant

On 8th June Radfax tried to submit a statement to Boris Johnson's Lawyers for consideration as a named defendant in the case of The Mayor Vs Democracy Village and persons unknown, it reads as follows;

Dear Sir or Madam with reference to the case in which you are representing The Mayor and other party's, in Boris Johnson Vs Democracy Village and persons unknown.
Please find below my/our personal statement for submission in my/our defence, that being for my self Radfax and persons unknown", I also make this representation on behalf of the people of the UK.

I am an independent citizen of the UK acting on behalf of myself as an individual and as a representative on behalf of the people of the United Kingdom, and it is my sovereign right and the right of the people of this country to uphold the law and the rights of the people.
In this defence I/we wish to protect the rights of any and all individuals and there right/s to hold free assembly and peaceful protest/s and demonstration/s on Parliament Square London SW1 UK.
I/We contest that the mayor has no right to exclude anyone including the Queen from Parliament Square. We believe that the application for a possession is unjust and is in direct conflict with the interests of the people, country and Queen.

Further to this I/We add that it is our considered opinion that all defending individuals and parties named, and those unknown in the case of Boris Johnson Vs Democracy Village have the right to hold peaceful dialogue, demonstration and assembly on Parliament Square London SW1.
We feel, that in this case of Boris Johnson Vs Democracy Village and persons unknown, any order made by the court/s in favour of Boris Johnson gaining an injunction and or eviction of the named protestors and those unknown will potentially be an infringement of the peoples civil liberties and human rights and thereby be in breach of the rule of Law.

We would also like to bring to the defence of the people that they are upholding their sovereign right to uphold the law and the rights of the people.This is directly addressed with regard to the matters of; the Governments continued participation in illegal wars, included in this is the war in Afghanistan, the legitimacy of the present government coalition, and the rights of the people to call for a national referendum and a Constitution, made by the people for the people.

In my submission I call for Queen and country to uphold the rights of the people and the rule of Law

This is my/our submission and statement on behalf of myself, Radfax, persons unknown and concerned citizens of the UK.

Yours sincerely, Radfax

PS, Please respond with a confirmation Email, many thanks

Email received from Boris Johnson’s lawyers

Dear Radfax

You are not a named Defendant in the proceedings. You therefore cannot make any representations on behalf of yourself or "persons unknown".

If you are acting as a representative of any of the named defendants then let us know for whom you act and provide confirmation from those parties that (a) you act on their behalf and (b) you have their permission to make representations for them.


Richard Hanson
Partner - Eversheds LLP

Tel: 0845 497 4552

Radfax then replied to this as follows;

Dear Mr Hanson, thank you for your prompt response, after careful consideration, I again respectfully request that you acknowledge myself as a defendant. If the court papers appertain to persons unknown, then one of these unknown individuals can now be named as myself Radfax.
Once again I insist that it is my right as a UK citizen to stand in defence for my rights and that of the people.

Mr Hanson would still not recognise Radfax as a defendant as his reply clearly indicates;

Dear Radfax

I do believe my previous email makes the position clear as did the Judge yesterday in court.

I will not be responding further to your emails or correspondence.


Richard Hanson

Radfax attended court on Monday 11th June to find out the case had been adjourned. This meant that Radfax could submit a statement to the judge prior to the case, it reads as follows;

"You’re Honour, firstly it is not my intention to either hinder or obstruct the proceedings in the case of Boris Johnson Vs Democracy Village and persons unknown.
I merely wish to stand up for the rights of myself a UK Citizen and persons unknown.
Included in persons unknown are other UK citizens who, along with my self were in receipt of the notices served on Democracy Village, but due to circumstances beyond my/their control, I/We were not able attend to place our names on the list of defendants at the opening proceedings in Boris Johnson v Democracy Village and persons unknown.

I/we have visited Democracy village on a regular basis since the 1st of May 2010, and at times I/We have stayed/slept overnight. I/We would like to make a submission and a statement if your honour will allow.

With all due respect for the learned judge in sitting at the second pre-trial hearing on Monday 7th, June, who said that he would not allow my submission, but I beg his and your pardon and ask you to reconsider my request.
It is not with a troublesome manner that I make this request.
It is as a sovereign citizen of the UK accountable for upholding the law and the rights of the people.

Your Honour my self and others have enjoyed our experiences whilst interacting and being part of Democracy Village, it has proven to be both a rewarding insight and a very innovative progressive form of discussion and dialogue, and as a forum for open debate in Parliament Square it would seem fit for purpose. I/We would like our right to defend”


Latest News Bindmans managed to get the case adjourned until Monday 14th June on the grounds that Democracy Village needed time to prepare their defence
Please show your support by coming to the High Court at 10.30 am on Monday June 14th.
Address: The Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London, England WC2A 2LL.

In the High Court on June 7th, Boris Johnson’s lawyers claimed the right to exclude from Parliament Square Gardens anyone he felt like, including the Queen. Questioning this, the judge ordered a full trial which will start at 10.30 am on June 14th. Witness history in the making! Be there

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